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We conduct community exchanges between people of different backgrounds. Our two programme streams: Experience and Education, work with adults and young people respectively. Take a look at the programme profiles, and if one seems to be a good match - just click to register your interest!

Roots: Experience
Community influencers
Individuals in working class, northern communities. Admired on their streets. Role models.
National leaders
Senior figures in business, media and politics. The decision-makers of our nation.
Roots: Education
State schools
Intelligent and engaged young people from working class communities.
Private schools
Bright students from wealthy backgrounds. Expected to be the national leaders of the future.

How it works...


Both programmes follow the same structure:

  • Our trained facilitators meet with the participants in their cohorts. They discuss their hopes and fears, preconceptions and doubts. Participants will gain an understanding of bias and be trained in constructive, non-judgmental dialogue.

  • The community exchange takes place. In Experience, this involves pairing a community figure with a national influencer. Each party goes to the home of the other, shares a home-cooked meal and talks. The find their common ground and understand their differences. In Education, students spend time in both the schools and homes of their peers. They find out how their counterparts live and learn, and they make friends across boundaries.

  • The cohorts and brought back together to share their experiences. They will make pledges for change in their lives based on what they have seen and learnt.

  • Our team checks in with the participants six months later to find out what has changed for them.

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