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Changing Focus Post Author
Changing Focus
I work with some of the most marginalised members of society. Those at the very bottom of the social hierarchy,
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Time to Choose Blog Author, Sonia Brown
Time to Choose
By Sonia Brown, Visa As we grow up we are often told ‘you are what you eat’, but I think
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Don't Look Back in Anger Blog Author, LaToyah
Don’t Look Back in Anger
By LaToyah, Bristol There’s no doubt about it; we live in challenging times. I admit, I have struggled and continue
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Human Civilisation Blog Author, Chris Porter
Human Civilisation
By Chris Porter, Lawyer, Warrington Human civilisation evolves spasmodically, often violently, as societal paradigms shift. From the industrial revolution changing
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Waiting for Politics Blog Author, Dan Gibbon-Walsh
Why waiting for politics to happen no longer makes sense
By Dan Gibbon-Walsh, Marketing Director, Envirolution Brexit has felt like a weird thing from the beginning. Right now it feels
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Social media schisms author, Alex McCann
State of the nation: Social media schisms
By Alex McCann, Altrincham HQ I work in social media and sometimes logging into social media can be hard. Within
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Brexit and Italy - Farage and Salvini
Brexit and Italy: What they have in common (Guest post)
By Giulio As the Italian elections were approaching, different parties were getting ready to show their power on the streets
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Taking Root Blog
Taking Root
If you’ve made it here, you’ve probably seen us asking for your support for Roots. But what’s it all about?
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