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State of the nation: Social media schisms

By Alex McCann, Altrincham HQ

I work in social media and sometimes logging into social media can be hard.

Within minutes on social media you can change from a positive mind-set to the verge of a breakdown. Politics is toxic from the left to the right and is more ego driven than ever before. Even when there is a message of hope, the comments beneath the message of hope are full of hate and bile.

The average member of the public cares passionately about people and the world, but feels that the world of politics is a power grab by the powerful.

To make our communities and our country a better place we need to leave our egos at the door and be kinder and more people-focused. I just feel the best thing you can do right now in 2018 is look after your friends and family and share their love and happiness.

There are so many great things that are happening in our local communities and across the UK and they simply don’t get talked about. They don’t get talked about by the press and they don’t get talked about on social media. Bad news gets clicks and positive news is pushed underground.

Amplifying positive stories makes the world a better place. Imagine logging on to your phone and seeing stories of great people doing great things in your home town.

If enough of us tell those positive stories and share those stories on our networks it builds bridges. Sharing can make the world a better place.

Next time you share something, think: Does this make the world a better place?

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