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Taking Root

If you’ve made it here, you’ve probably seen us asking for your support for Roots. But what’s it all about?

The first thing to say about this programme is that it is politically neutral. We’re not here to represent red or blue, left, right or centre, remain or leave. Obviously as a team we have our own opinions, but that’s between us and the voting booth.

The only belief we want to share is a fundamental faith that opinions, decisions and convictions are better when they are built on a foundation of understanding. For us, that starts with understanding our fellow humans.

We’re now in an age where we all have a plethora of ideas at our fingertips. Yet our opinions are reinforced as social media and search engine algorithms give us content related to what we already believe. Meanwhile, when we are exposed to other viewpoints, it is often the loudest, the angriest, the most extreme that make it through the net. Many have bemoaned the decline of so-called civilised debate.

This may be new, but in many ways it is a continuation of how things have always been. City execs with public school and Oxbridge backgrounds are likely to have been exposed to a narrow set of viewpoints throughout their lives, while someone who has been in the same working class community their whole life will encounter the same.

That becomes harmful when we regard others without empathy. It is very easy to think of people we don’t truly know as though they are completely different from us, leading to resentment, frustration, disillusionment and anger.

But we’re all people. We have a common humanity. Our backgrounds may be different but we all have ambitions, families, pastimes, viewpoints. We want to replace all those negative things with compassion, knowledge and a desire to make the country a place for all of us to be proud of.

Follow this blog for more detail about how we’re going to do this. For now, if this sounds like the kind of thing you would like to support, please give anything you can to help us get started.

Donate to our Start Up fund here

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