Why waiting for politics to happen no longer makes sense

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Why waiting for politics to happen no longer makes sense

By Dan Gibbon-Walsh, Marketing Director, Envirolution

Brexit has felt like a weird thing from the beginning. Right now it feels like trying to have a dinner at a restaurant while some of the chairs and tables are on fire. Your meal tastes good, and you’re hungry but there’s smoke lapping around the edges of your plate. By the time it comes to dessert you might not be able to see the spoon.

The point is, it all feels like a huge, ominous, distraction. It all feels a bit weird, doesn’t it? Something’s happening, then it’s not happening, then it’s happening again. Every time we turn on the news there’s someone shouting at someone else, but I’m never actually sure about what.
I guess it feels a bit odd to me that in a period of low disposable income and public sector workers needing foodbanks to keep themselves going, all we end up talking about is Brexit. It seems convenient in many ways, that we can talk about the elephant in the room for so long that the room ends up being on fire.

We’ve spent so long talking about Brexit as a country that I’ve gone through the fatigue mill and out the other side. I just keep hearing white noise, a series of jumbles, and political platitudes. So what about everything else? Are we just hoping we can pick it all back up and it will all be fine? A text to your ex two and a half years after you last spoke and they’ll not tell you where to go?

It seemed to me like part of the problem was how surprised people were about the result. The idea of assuming everyone is just in the same boat, heading to the same place. Unless you check this out with people, they could have a different destination in mind. It gets a bit late to argue about that when the boat feels like it is sinking.

There are loads of things we agree on in this country, but when it’s a yes or no decision, people get polarised. We could have another vote, but what happens then? Lots of people will disagree once again, and the room will be filled with more smoke.

It all feels like there are very few ways out of this mess that make any sense, and will actually work for everyone. It would be great if politicians could focus on looking after the country rather than arguing with each other all the time, but it seems like we’ve stopped waiting for that to happen.

There are plenty of positive solutions to many of the problems this country, and the world, faces. However, most of them are only coming from the people, and they’re doing a great job. So let’s do more of it. It feels like the longer we keep waiting for politics to solve things, the more problems pile up. So let’s stop waiting.

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