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Community & Corporate Workshops

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Roots Corporate Communities

In changing times of social upheaval, economic and health uncertainty and political division, it can be difficult to maintain morale within organisations. Furthermore, today’s emerging workforce puts a greater emphasis on ethics, support, creativity and empathy than previous generations. 

The Roots Programme offers interactive and effective training to increase empathy, improve working relationships and develop curiosity and understanding among colleagues and with the world outside. This helps to attract and retain the best staff, as well as to make your teams happier, more cohesive and more productive. 

Our training programme and speaker series has been used by several companies, including Google and Manchester Museum. Our training works by allowing employees to spend time away from their desks in a guided session, talking, connecting, listening to each other authentically and discovering more about fellow colleagues’ backgrounds and beliefs. This is complemented by real-world examples of difference, diversity and crossing boundaries. 

The workshops are 2hr 30m and can be delivered for groups of 12 to 30. The ideal scenario is to work with colleagues of varying role and seniority across the organisation.

If you are interested and would like to discuss, please drop us a line at

Roots Community Conversations

Informal ‘kitchen table’ conversations in communities around the UK. Roots hold the space for residents to explore their strengths, join the dots and see how they can participate more informally, support better connection and wellbeing in the area and dream about the place they live and that they want future generations to experience.

The Roots team gently facilitate Community Conversations, bringing community members together as equals in a neutral space to talk about what they need, what they love and what needs to be reimagined. Roots amplify the less-often-heard voices of individual residents in the room to exchange ideas, feedback from these citizen experts is funnelled back to the people representing them.

Our conversations have been held in Scotland and England so far and are supported by the National Lottery’s ‘Bringing People Together’ Fund.

These conversations run to 1hr 30mins and can be delivered for up to 50 participants. Contact us to learn more, or to register see the list below.

In 2023 we have the following Community Conversations lined up:

Bradford 22nd March 2023
Bristol 31st May 2023
Lowestoft 21st June 2023
Blackpool 13th July 2023
Manchester – Youth Conversation 27th September 2023
More to be announced soon


22nd March 2023


31st May 2023


21st June 2023


13th July 2023


27th September 2023