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Connecting Across Division

A more connected, curious and compassionate society is possible.

A brief intro… 

For too long our country has been defined by growing inequality, increased polarisation and the rise of populism. Brexit gave the country a jolt. COVID-19 shook us to our core. Cost of living crises are driving us further apart. Our future feels uncertain.

There are many different experiences of life on this small island but we do all need to pull together. We clapped passionately for strangers on our doorsteps yet we still might not know our neighbours. We can do better.



Roots believe that bringing people together, who may otherwise never get an opportunity to glimpse into one another’s lives offers insight and understanding that can make our society a more connected and compassionate one.

Roots have been offering exchanges, pairing people who came to live here through migration from other parts of the world, with people who were brought up or born here.

In 2023 we started a series of interviews with people who migrated to live here in the UK; called ‘UK Resident by Choice’. We asked them about their experiences of living here.

Open your eyes and experience life through someone else’s.

Connection. Curiosity. Compassion.


The Roots Programme seeks to break down barriers and bring people together. 


We facilitate collaborative learning experiences which deepen our understanding of ourselves in relation to the lives of others. 

Let’s listen to each other. Discover our challenges. Embrace our differences. Inspire each other. Share our stories and ideas. Celebrate new perspectives. Build confidence that we can create a better life for ourselves and others, together.


Projects & Programmes

Our unique programme brings together young people and teachers from state and independent schools across class, cultural, racial and religious divides. Co-led with young people and teachers, participants have space to build their own voice, character and ideas in learning alongside and from each other. In coming together, they will tackle prejudice, build connection and belonging, discover confidence and pride in their backgrounds, further develop critical thinking and communication skills.

In carving out a new model for cross-sector work between state and independent sectors, we move beyond old models of ‘charity’ and ‘outreach’ work, into building spaces of solidarity for young people, teachers and schools wanting to come together as equals and allies.

Roots Futures

Roots Relationships

Have the deep divisions over Brexit, the pandemic and endless other issues been getting you down? How would it feel to help heal our society, dream big and reach for something better? Do you want to build your confidence and get inspired to grasp the opportunities that lie outside our usual social bubbles ahead of us?

During this carefully constructed 6 week programme for adults, we travel together on a journey of mutual discovery. It’s a warm and brave space for meaningful dialogue, deep listening and curiosity, new ideas for a better future and new connections.

In times of social upheaval and uncertainty, it can be challenging to maintain team morale. Empathy, ethics and the quality of our connections matter to your staff more than ever. 

Our training has helped both large corporations and smaller community-focused organisations to build belonging, connect colleagues around issues and to share more of themselves in a way that creates greater degrees of authentic trust and empathy.

Our 2.5 hour workshops are for groups of up to 30, ideally across varying roles and levels of seniority. They give employees time to spend away from their desks talking, connecting and both listening to, and learning from, each other.

Corporate Culture Workshops

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Let’s bring people together to discuss and learn from the things that affect us all.  Let’s listen and understand each other.  Let’s recognise not just our differences, but our similarities too.  Let’s create a better tomorrow, together.

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